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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

A New Obsession

I have a new obsession, and it’s with Texas Holdem Poker. I will admit that I was first "introduced" to this from www.wilwheaton.net however I’ve also come across it from people like my brother, and of course with the recent World Series of Poker that just finished up in Vegas, it’s been on TV pretty much non-stop. Last week I figured I’d put some of my incredible powers of research into finding out what this game was all about. So I did some searches, and came across one that I liked quite a bit here and spent a while poking through some of the links reading what I could and getting more and more excited. I checked out MSN Games section and was very happy to see that they offered a version (free even) to allow me to get my feet wet without losing my shirt.

CC’s been learning too and we look forward to being able to play against each other, and eventually even against others. Who knows, maybe once we get some money freed up, we’ll take a trip to Atlantic City and try our luck out that way. Even though I’ve been doing quite well against MSN’s one on one version of the game, I really don’t think I’m the World Class Poker Player that I would like to be. So until the next World Series of Poker tournament, I’ll be practicing my skills and working on my strategies, and watching Rounders, who knows, maybe I just might get lucky.