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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

A Work in Progress

Should you happen upon this site perchance and are wondering if "This is all there is in life." fear not, for this is a work in progress. You can visit my main blog over at Vision Knights however be sure to flag this site as there will be more content to come in the near future. I'm going to be copying over all my previous poker entries as well as posting new ones here soon. Thanks for visiting and I hope to see you back soon.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

A Night of Tournies

Tonight I have a couple different blogs to post, and one of them is even a non-poker related blog for those readers who do not speak Poker. (happy Jenny?) I'm going to save that one for last so that it tops the page. For those readers that only care about Poker Me feel free to skip that section if you feel you must. But for now, on with the poker.

Earlier this morning I decided to check out PokerStars and poke around the tournament section to see if those Freerolling tournaments were really, you know, free. What I found out has me dancing around like a nine year old little girl (sorry for that visual). First off, Freerolling tournaments really are free! And there's one every day at 3:00 AM (ET), a bit late perhaps, but perfect for my current work schedule. I believe the prize for the tournament is a buy in for a tournament that I can't play in, but I don't honestly expect to get that far anyway. I'm just looking forward to playing.

The next sweet things I found were play money SNG's (Sit N Go) Tournaments. The smallest buy in I saw was 2000 which should help keep out people that are looking to throw away their play money indiscriminately. Now I'll have to check out which SNG's I like to play, if memory serves these were limit, no limit, and pot limits available so I'll probably start with Pot Limits as they're my current favorite.

I'll be sure to post my results tomorrow, I'm going to save up my hand histories and try importing the Freerolling tournament into Poker Tracker and see if it will take that (it doesn't accept play money hands, I tried). Wish me luck everybody.

Online Poker Sites

It should come as no surprise that my online site of choice is PokerStars , but this is not because I blindly choose it, or haven't tried any other sites. So I have decided to do a "review", so to speak, of why I didn't like any of the other sites and why I have stuck with PokerStars .

The first site I tried was Party Poker , I tried it at about the same time as PokerStars , unlike PokerStars however I couldn't find the play money section and the client software wasn't nearly as "pretty" so I stayed at PokerStars .

The next site I tried was due purely on the advertisement of the pros. I was watching one of the World Series of Poker Tournaments (2001 I believe) and everyone who was anyone had "Full Tilt" shirts, hats, and just about everything there was to be thought of. So I gave Full Tilt a try, and it was pretty good. The only thing I didn't like about Full Tilt was that when I tried it out, it was chaotic. Players constantly joining and leaving the table, people trying to constantly go all in before the flop, and I perceived (perhaps incorrectly) that that site didn't promote good poker play as much as PokerStars . I have since gone back to Full Tilt and played on occasion and it has been much better but I have already developed a strong connection with PokerStars and don't play there much anymore.

The most recent site I tried was Noble Poker which I tried this past weekend. The software client itself was nice enough, similar to Full Tilt with their avatars and their play money site was good enough, however it didn't jump out at me as being better in many regards than any of the others.

If at some time in the future I find myself with much more money than I have now, I may try each of these sites again to find out how much each of them pay on an hour or two of betting so there's a good chance I will find a new favorite site. Until then, PokerStars it is.

Monday, August 22, 2005

My New Favorite Poker Game

Over the weekend I tried out a new Poker style which has quickly become my favorite style of play, Pot Limit. When I first started playing at PokerStars I stared out at the 5/10 No Limit Games, lost initially, but then gradually built up a 6000 chip bankroll (all play money of course) which got me feeling pretty good about myself. Then I switched from No Limit to Limit and did very well although I felt that Limit was much slower than No Limit because of the generally smaller pots. Pot Limit seem sot be the best of both worlds and I have been doing quite well with it on PokerStars .

For those of you who are not familiar with the Poker world, let me explain the differences between Limit, Pot Limit, and No Limit. In Limit Poker, your bets are a predetermined dollar amount, usually the amount of the big blind, this amount then doubles for the Turn and River betting. This is good when there are lots of players paying to see the flop. It's main downside is that the pots tend to be somewhat small, partially due to the small amount of the bets, and partially because there is usually a cap on the number of times you can bet in a single round.

No Limit is the exact opposite of Limit, and is most often played in tournaments. The Pot sizes can be huge and you can more than double your money with a good hand, the downside of this of course is that you can be put all in for your stack, even before the flop and lose your entire stack by having the second best hand at the table for that round.

Pot Limit falls in between these two extremes. Your bet can be of any dollar amount, but it cannot exceed the amount of money in the pot at any given time. This generally results in a controlled amount of betting prior to the flop, then an exponential increase in the size and amount of betting. Here's an example, the game is a $5/10 game, which means the small blind is $5 and the big blind is $10. The first person that can bet (which is also known as being Under The Gun or UTG for short) can bet no more than $15. If he does bet $15 the pot is now at $30 so the second person can now bet up to, but not over $30. If the player UTG does not bet, then Player Two can only bet up to the initial $15. If players continue betting and continue to double the pot each time, it doesn't take long before players can get up to being all in. Pot sizes here are generally much better than in limit games and can even be bigger than no limit games as No Limit usually comes down to two players being all in and chasing everyone out of the betting relatively quickly. The Pot Limit not only includes the two players who are all in, but also includes all the bets of people who thought, early on in the round, that they would play along before "bailing out" to the remaining players. This can sometimes add up to a significant amount, especially if it involves a large number of players.

Now the disclaimer. My only Pot Limit experience is on PokerStars in the play money games. I'm hoping to be able to round out my experience one of these days with both live games and money online games, but until then, I'll keep reading and playing, wish me luck.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Poker Blogging

I can't tell you how much fun it is blogging about poker. Many times in the past I have wracked my brain in an attempt to think of something blogworthy to write about, sometimes hitting, sometimes missing, but ever since I started playing Poker I suddenly have stories to tell, books to post reviews of, and a whole new world of blogs to read and explore. It's very exciting.

With that said, I busted out playing the 5/10 No Limit at Poker Stars last night with my last batch of 2500 chips. I only played for about 30 to 45 minutes or so, but in that time I couldn't catch a winning hand to save my life (or my chips). Whenever I had a hand, someone had a better hand, whenever a pair of deuces would win a pot, I had nothing. At one point after a showdown, I got so mad, I almost threw something, anything, across the room. Why you as? Let me just tell you.

I was dealt the hole cares of Q7o, I quietly called along to see the flop which came down as 7-7-x. Sweet. I kept playing along planning on going all in on the river. After the turn and river showed nothing, the player ahead of me went all in himself. I call and it goes to the showdown. My hand 3 7's with a Queen kicker. His hand? 3 of a kind, (same 7's) with a king kicker. If he had actually been sitting next to me, I might have hit him.

On the very next hand I was dealt pocket 10's, with just a few hundred chips left I push all in. Same guy calls, and the board cards are played. There was a pair of deuces a jack and two undercards. I have two pair, 10's and deuces, his hand? Jacks and Deuces. I'm busted. Seriously pissed off, I left the table, quite out of Poker Stars and went to bed.

No need to worry though, I'm still loving the game, and even went to the library and picked up Zen and the Art of Poker by Larry W. Phillips. So I'll read that, spend some time playing the limit 10/20 game at Poker Stars to build my virtual stack back so I can buy into the 100/200 or 200/400 Limit with 10k, and maybe even play some no limit on my PS2 game. I'm looking forward to a fun weekend.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Help Earn Me Poker Money!

Long time readers of this site (should there actually be any) may have noticed a new button on the right hand column right under the "Current Game" Section. This is a link (obviously) to Bravnet.com which has a lot of great web services to be used for small web sites in general and weblogs in particular. For every person that signs up (from the link) I get $1, if I can get enough people to sign up, I might be able to use that money to buy me some "Real" chips at Pokerstars.

Last night I decided to play one of the ultimate play money games at Pokerstars, the 100/200 Limit Hold'em Games. I entered the game with 4000 of my available 6000 + chips and proceeded to watch myself get my ass handed right back to me, minus all of my "chips" of course.

The hand that really broke me was one where I continued betting and finally made my flush on the river. My hole cards were a somewhat respectable 10-9s and figured my flush would hold up nicely, which it did until I got to a player (on the showdown) that had AK of the same suit as I had. I was livid.

After losing my initial 4k, I decided to head back down to my normal 10/20 limit games where I usually do fairly well. I was pretty much holding even for about fifteen minutes when the power in the whole neighborhood dropped out leaving me in complete darkness. I decided to call it a night and stumbled blindly upstairs and into bed.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Last Night's Poker Game

I got home last night at about 1:30 AM or so, and was still awake and active after the long drive home, so I got in, kissed CC on the forehead (she sleeps on the couch until I get home, bless her) and I told her I was going to go downstairs and log into PokerStars for a bit, but I promised that I would only play for about a half an hour or so before heading up to bed. I asked if she wanted to come downstairs with me and lay down on the bed, however she opted to tay on the couch, so I ventured downstairs, put some cat fud in the cat fud bowls (to buy me some peace from the Beasts), fired up the PC, and logged into PokerStars.

I'm still playing the low limit play money games, so I entered a 5/10 table with the max room limit of 2000 chips. Within ten minutes I was up 1000 chips and feeling pretty good about myself. Then things started to go south, and when things go south for me, it usually happens pretty quickly, and drastically. Within 15 minutes I lost all 3000 of my chips, basically in 2 massive losses. This is something in my game I'm working on (trying to avoid) and it could very well just be part of the game, however I believe it's something I can (and will) improve upon as I continue playing.

So now it is about 2:00 AM, I lost all of the chips I had taken into that room, which was just over half of my total chip count) and I had to choice to make, go to bed or log back in and try to vindicate myself.

It wasn't really much of a choice actually.

I logged back in and entered another 5/10 room with the remainder of my chips (about 1500) and within five minutes I was dealt my redeeming hand. It started out as a QT (don't remember if it was off suit or not) so I play it and even raise a few times before the flop. Then the flop comes...QQT, giving me a Queen-Ten Full House. Now I start raising...Hard, and two of the four or five players all call and re-raise until we are all All-In. The showdown comes and when the smoke clears I was back to just under 3000 in chips.

I still ended up loosing a few hundred chips overall, but I don't care about it in the least (especially since they're just play money chips anyway). Ever time I think about it, I can't help but smile. It was the perfect way to end the night, well almost, the BEST way is being able to crawl into bed and snuggle up with CC, the cards falling my way was just icing on the cake.

Monday, August 08, 2005

Winning Low Limit Hold'em

So much to do. Between work stuff for the new week, a new computer book (Windows Admin Scripting), a new Poker book (Winning Low Limit Hold'em), and 3 blog posts I have in mind that I would like to write, I should be able to keep myself quite busy for some time. Stay tuned for more posts.