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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Help Earn Me Poker Money!

Long time readers of this site (should there actually be any) may have noticed a new button on the right hand column right under the "Current Game" Section. This is a link (obviously) to Bravnet.com which has a lot of great web services to be used for small web sites in general and weblogs in particular. For every person that signs up (from the link) I get $1, if I can get enough people to sign up, I might be able to use that money to buy me some "Real" chips at Pokerstars.

Last night I decided to play one of the ultimate play money games at Pokerstars, the 100/200 Limit Hold'em Games. I entered the game with 4000 of my available 6000 + chips and proceeded to watch myself get my ass handed right back to me, minus all of my "chips" of course.

The hand that really broke me was one where I continued betting and finally made my flush on the river. My hole cards were a somewhat respectable 10-9s and figured my flush would hold up nicely, which it did until I got to a player (on the showdown) that had AK of the same suit as I had. I was livid.

After losing my initial 4k, I decided to head back down to my normal 10/20 limit games where I usually do fairly well. I was pretty much holding even for about fifteen minutes when the power in the whole neighborhood dropped out leaving me in complete darkness. I decided to call it a night and stumbled blindly upstairs and into bed.