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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Last Night's Poker Game

I got home last night at about 1:30 AM or so, and was still awake and active after the long drive home, so I got in, kissed CC on the forehead (she sleeps on the couch until I get home, bless her) and I told her I was going to go downstairs and log into PokerStars for a bit, but I promised that I would only play for about a half an hour or so before heading up to bed. I asked if she wanted to come downstairs with me and lay down on the bed, however she opted to tay on the couch, so I ventured downstairs, put some cat fud in the cat fud bowls (to buy me some peace from the Beasts), fired up the PC, and logged into PokerStars.

I'm still playing the low limit play money games, so I entered a 5/10 table with the max room limit of 2000 chips. Within ten minutes I was up 1000 chips and feeling pretty good about myself. Then things started to go south, and when things go south for me, it usually happens pretty quickly, and drastically. Within 15 minutes I lost all 3000 of my chips, basically in 2 massive losses. This is something in my game I'm working on (trying to avoid) and it could very well just be part of the game, however I believe it's something I can (and will) improve upon as I continue playing.

So now it is about 2:00 AM, I lost all of the chips I had taken into that room, which was just over half of my total chip count) and I had to choice to make, go to bed or log back in and try to vindicate myself.

It wasn't really much of a choice actually.

I logged back in and entered another 5/10 room with the remainder of my chips (about 1500) and within five minutes I was dealt my redeeming hand. It started out as a QT (don't remember if it was off suit or not) so I play it and even raise a few times before the flop. Then the flop comes...QQT, giving me a Queen-Ten Full House. Now I start raising...Hard, and two of the four or five players all call and re-raise until we are all All-In. The showdown comes and when the smoke clears I was back to just under 3000 in chips.

I still ended up loosing a few hundred chips overall, but I don't care about it in the least (especially since they're just play money chips anyway). Ever time I think about it, I can't help but smile. It was the perfect way to end the night, well almost, the BEST way is being able to crawl into bed and snuggle up with CC, the cards falling my way was just icing on the cake.