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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

A Night of Tournies

Tonight I have a couple different blogs to post, and one of them is even a non-poker related blog for those readers who do not speak Poker. (happy Jenny?) I'm going to save that one for last so that it tops the page. For those readers that only care about Poker Me feel free to skip that section if you feel you must. But for now, on with the poker.

Earlier this morning I decided to check out PokerStars and poke around the tournament section to see if those Freerolling tournaments were really, you know, free. What I found out has me dancing around like a nine year old little girl (sorry for that visual). First off, Freerolling tournaments really are free! And there's one every day at 3:00 AM (ET), a bit late perhaps, but perfect for my current work schedule. I believe the prize for the tournament is a buy in for a tournament that I can't play in, but I don't honestly expect to get that far anyway. I'm just looking forward to playing.

The next sweet things I found were play money SNG's (Sit N Go) Tournaments. The smallest buy in I saw was 2000 which should help keep out people that are looking to throw away their play money indiscriminately. Now I'll have to check out which SNG's I like to play, if memory serves these were limit, no limit, and pot limits available so I'll probably start with Pot Limits as they're my current favorite.

I'll be sure to post my results tomorrow, I'm going to save up my hand histories and try importing the Freerolling tournament into Poker Tracker and see if it will take that (it doesn't accept play money hands, I tried). Wish me luck everybody.