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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Online Poker Sites

It should come as no surprise that my online site of choice is PokerStars , but this is not because I blindly choose it, or haven't tried any other sites. So I have decided to do a "review", so to speak, of why I didn't like any of the other sites and why I have stuck with PokerStars .

The first site I tried was Party Poker , I tried it at about the same time as PokerStars , unlike PokerStars however I couldn't find the play money section and the client software wasn't nearly as "pretty" so I stayed at PokerStars .

The next site I tried was due purely on the advertisement of the pros. I was watching one of the World Series of Poker Tournaments (2001 I believe) and everyone who was anyone had "Full Tilt" shirts, hats, and just about everything there was to be thought of. So I gave Full Tilt a try, and it was pretty good. The only thing I didn't like about Full Tilt was that when I tried it out, it was chaotic. Players constantly joining and leaving the table, people trying to constantly go all in before the flop, and I perceived (perhaps incorrectly) that that site didn't promote good poker play as much as PokerStars . I have since gone back to Full Tilt and played on occasion and it has been much better but I have already developed a strong connection with PokerStars and don't play there much anymore.

The most recent site I tried was Noble Poker which I tried this past weekend. The software client itself was nice enough, similar to Full Tilt with their avatars and their play money site was good enough, however it didn't jump out at me as being better in many regards than any of the others.

If at some time in the future I find myself with much more money than I have now, I may try each of these sites again to find out how much each of them pay on an hour or two of betting so there's a good chance I will find a new favorite site. Until then, PokerStars it is.