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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Poker Blogging

I can't tell you how much fun it is blogging about poker. Many times in the past I have wracked my brain in an attempt to think of something blogworthy to write about, sometimes hitting, sometimes missing, but ever since I started playing Poker I suddenly have stories to tell, books to post reviews of, and a whole new world of blogs to read and explore. It's very exciting.

With that said, I busted out playing the 5/10 No Limit at Poker Stars last night with my last batch of 2500 chips. I only played for about 30 to 45 minutes or so, but in that time I couldn't catch a winning hand to save my life (or my chips). Whenever I had a hand, someone had a better hand, whenever a pair of deuces would win a pot, I had nothing. At one point after a showdown, I got so mad, I almost threw something, anything, across the room. Why you as? Let me just tell you.

I was dealt the hole cares of Q7o, I quietly called along to see the flop which came down as 7-7-x. Sweet. I kept playing along planning on going all in on the river. After the turn and river showed nothing, the player ahead of me went all in himself. I call and it goes to the showdown. My hand 3 7's with a Queen kicker. His hand? 3 of a kind, (same 7's) with a king kicker. If he had actually been sitting next to me, I might have hit him.

On the very next hand I was dealt pocket 10's, with just a few hundred chips left I push all in. Same guy calls, and the board cards are played. There was a pair of deuces a jack and two undercards. I have two pair, 10's and deuces, his hand? Jacks and Deuces. I'm busted. Seriously pissed off, I left the table, quite out of Poker Stars and went to bed.

No need to worry though, I'm still loving the game, and even went to the library and picked up Zen and the Art of Poker by Larry W. Phillips. So I'll read that, spend some time playing the limit 10/20 game at Poker Stars to build my virtual stack back so I can buy into the 100/200 or 200/400 Limit with 10k, and maybe even play some no limit on my PS2 game. I'm looking forward to a fun weekend.