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Monday, September 19, 2005

A Much Needed Vacation

I've decided to take a much needed vacation from the Professional Play Money Poker Circuit, quite possibly to contemplate my early retirement. I've decided instead to spend some time swimming with the fishes in the REAL money waters of Party Poker. I didn't want to do it but I came across a deal that was just to good to pass up, good enough in fact that I might just have to give up being a play money professional altogether.

I happened upon a blog by someone named Chipper and on his site he had a link called InstantBankroll.com , I clicked on it just to see what the gimmick was. The strange thing was, there really wasn't a gimmick, as a matter of fact, they seemed to go to great lengths to prove that there wasn't any gimmick. Here's the deal, InstantBankroll.com is funded through PokerSourceOnline.com which gets money from Party Poker (as well as others) to refer new players to them. InstantBankroll.com allows 60 users a day to register and must be authorized by a live support person. When the dust settles, you (provided YOU are a new user to Party Poker that has never made a deposit to a real money account) have $75 in your real money account. On top of that $25 is added to a bonus account which is cleared by 500 racked hands in the ring games. $100 to play poker online. Free.

I only played for about 15 minutes (cleared 17 hands so far) on Sunday which my new money, and I'm happy to announce that I didn't lose any of it. I played in the .50/1.00 games and I left with a $3 profit. Not huge by any standards, but a good feeling nonetheless. I didn't sign up for the Party Points Program until after my session, but the next time I sit down to play, not only will my hands go towards clearing my bonus, but also towards a nice spiffy Party Poker Hat. My main goal is to clear this bonus (hopefully with my $100 intact, then transfer the balance to NetTeller and sign up for a new Absolute Poker account through PokerSourceOnline and see if I can't earn myself a nice pretty new chip set.

I think I'm going to enjoy retirement immensely.

I will so be putting up links to both InstantBankroll.com (already done) as well as PokerSourceOnline on my blog. If you have any friends that you've been trying to get to play, but they never had the money, email them my site and have them link over to InstantBankroll and sign up. I'll post my referral code as well, and maybe, just maybe, I can get even more free poker money.