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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Play Money Mania

I have spent most of my afternoon here at work (what else am I supposed to do?) reading through various poker blogs, and adding most of them to my blogrolling list in a sad attempt to make it look like I actually have poker blog friends. During a trip to the lunchroom to warm up my gourmet meal of rice/steak/peas (all mixed up in a large Chinese soup container) I had an epifony epypheny ipefony really good idea. In all of the poker blogs, everyone is always talking about the real money ring and tournament games that they play in, and not one among them talks about playing any of the play money tables or tournaments. This has led me to the following conclusion, only hardcore poker players gamble with play money.

The reason for this is simple, play money games are much akin to Russian Roulette. All those fancy books and game theory have no home in the chaotic Play Money Circuit, everything they think they know is wrong, their logic is fuzzy, and their carefully developed insights are useless. This scares most poker players so much so that they opt to stay in their "safe zone" of real money rings and tournies.

So I have decided to forego my initial goals of playing for real money to focus instead on both trudging through the play money circuits, and battling it out in the massive player freerolls. Because that's the kind of guy I am. I also plan on being the sole voice reporting in to those of you on the rail, those to afraid to jump in with the REAL sharks, so that you can at least catch a glimpse of the other side of poker, the side the TV's are afraid to show you. I will show you the live of a Professional Play Money Gambler.

My name is Twitch, I'm going in...all in.

P.S. I have posted my usernames for the sites I play at (usually at Poker Stars) on the right hand column, if you're looking for a play money game, look for me, just don't look at those sissy real money games. I'll be in the trenches.