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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

So This is Variance

As of Sunday evening I was up to about $106 from my initial $75 Instant Bankroll "deposit" and I was feeling mighty good about myself and my "skills". Sunday night however I flopped, badly. I all but lost my $25 buy-in on the .50/1.00 tables at Party Poker and a couple of times, I was all in with my last dollar or two. Somehow I managed to battle back to only losing half of my buy-in, but by the time I logged out to go to bed, I had lost about $17 or $18. Monday I managed to drop another $10 during a couple of sessions which brought me to just a few dollars below my initial $75. The good thing however was that I had cleared about 200 hands towards my $25 bonus bringing me to within a few hundred hands of the bonus goal. I was a bit hesitant to play Monday evening (CC was sick and I put her to bed early, then put the kids to bed at their appropriate times). This time I only bought into the tables for $10 thinking that if I doubled up, great, if I lost my buy in, then I wasn’t down to much more than I was already. Thankfully I managed to double up, and decided to keep playing to try to kill some more hands towards my bonus. By the end of my session I was up an additional $10 and logged out with upwards of $30 which brought my bankroll back up to about $96 or so.

I did try something which I have tried briefly in the past, and need to quit trying as I am not quite good enough to pull it off. Multi-tabling. This time I tried playing my Limit .50/1.00 and a Mini-Step tourney. It didn’t work out well, however I only lost $2.00 on the tourney ($6.00 buy in, managed a $4 finish) and I lost about $4 on my table game which I was able to win back once I had busted out of the tourney. Tonight I’m going to try to get even closer to my goal of clearing my bonus (only need about 150 hands), hopefully I can manage to clear my bonus and at least break even. With that done, I can start my goal of getting a chipset from PokerSource Online.