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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

As the Smoke Clears

After a very well played match up, I managed to win my matches against Loopy in a High Noon(ish) Showdown. I would love to attribute my win to aggressive play and strategic dominance, however in truth I feel I simply got lucky at the right times. Thanks again to Loopy for a great match and to CMitch for sweating our match. Now on to Round 2!

I've also updated the HUC2 Bracket with all of the known matches. Since I'm facing the mighty Veneno for the next match up, I'm going to need all the luck I can get. Maybe I'll sacrifice a stuffed animal or two to the poker gods for some additional good luck.

In a slightly related subject, last night when I got home from work, I hopped on UB to play a SNG to help familiarize myself with UB's setup and joined in a 10 person $1 SNG. I got great cards to start off with and managed to build up a nice early stack. From there I continued to play aggressively throughout the tourney and when the bubble popped, I had 2x as many chips as the next person, and about 7x of the short stack. After a few minutes, I took out the short stack, and on the very first hand of the heads up match, I paired both of my hole cards on the flop and my opponent went all in. I obliged and won the SNG. This was my first real money first place finish in a tournament! I'd scored a couple of first place finished (few and far between) in the play money tourneys (mostly at Poker Stars) so I was very excited. I'm going to try a $5 SNG next so hopefully I'll be able to continue my streak. That is all.