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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Good News Bad News

Good News - I was finally able to get my Party Poker account reinstated last night. I was able to log in and re-request my withdrawal so it should be in my account and ready to import into Firepay next week. Then I can finally get started on my next (first) PokerSource Online promotion. For the first promotion, I'm going for a set of Poker Chips, however for the second I'm going for a free copy of Poker Tracker. Actually come to think of it, I'd probably be better off getting Poker Tracker first, and the chips second. I guess I won't have to burn my soon to be received Party Poker hat after all.

The bad news is that it's almost the weekend and I traditionally do horribly on the weekends. I only left about $10 in my account so I'd really like to get that up to around the $50 mark however one bad session and I could lose my small remaining bankroll. Typically I have my most consistent sessions around 8:00 AM, however my biggest wins and biggest losses have been in the very early morning hours when I get home from work. The weekends usually bring about horrendous losses so I have tried to avoid the weekends as much as possible. I suppose what I should do it just log in with $5 into the .5/1.00 and try to win a quick hand, then leave before I can run in to a chance to lose it. SNG's have so far proved a waste of time and money for me so I would like to hold off on those until I can rebuild some semblance of a bankroll. Maybe I'll just go for broke tonight with my remaining bankroll and either double up in anticipation of the weekend or lose it all and focus on play money tournaments. I'm also signed up for a freeroll on Sunday afternoon so I should probably be working on my tournament play anyway. If anyone sees me this weekend, please remind me that Harrington's book is only going to be useful if I read it.