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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

New WWdN Tournament

Wil just announced his next WWdN tournament, I'm passing along the information to try to boost the participants.

What: WWdN: Decker711 Invitational
Where: PokerStars.
When: Friday, October 20th. 7:00 PM EST
Password: monkey
Tournament number: 13788952
Buy-in: $10+1

Unfortunatly I will not be joining in this event unless I can get my Poker Stars bankroll up to at least $50. Currently it's in the low $30's. If I can score $20 between now and Friday I might join, however as I'm working that day, the family might not think running home and jumping online to be the greatest PR campaign. We'll just have to wait and see.

This morning I did pretty well on Absolute's NL tables. I played for about 30 minutes or so and won about 58 BB's and more than doubled up my buy-in. It was still very low limit stuff, but it made me feel good, and that's the important thing now isn't it. Yes. Yes it is.