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Sunday, October 02, 2005

Question for the Masses

Has anyone out there been asked to send a copy of their drivers license to Party Poker for them to "Verify my Security?" My account has been locked out and I have been on the phone with them for about an hour going round and round about why exactly it is I need to send a Drivers License to them as A: I didn't know I needed one to play poker online, B: The address doesn't reflect my current address (I have a Change of Address form for that), C: they don't have a copy of my photo/signature on file in order to verify anything. I find the whole thing very sketchy and am quite ready to never play there again. Of course they'll probably lock my funds and take them away if I refuse to comply (I did send them a copy of my Cable Bill to verify name/Address but so far they want something more and I don't really plan on being very cooperative). Of course all this came about because I tried to withdrawl money from my account, had I just played until they raked it all away, I'm sure this wouldn't be an issue. Anyway if you have submitted a drivers license to them and think I should to and think I'm just being a putz about this whole thing, please let me know. Thanks.