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Monday, October 17, 2005

Slow Poker Weekend

I played a fair amount of poker on Friday and a bit on Saturday, however as Sunday was CC's birthday one of my "presents" to her was a whole poker free day.

Friday was pretty good because I actually posted my first winning session in what felt like weeks, not at the limit tables, but at the .10 No Limit table. It felt very good finally leaving the table with more money than what I started with. I even earned a few hands towards my bonus deposit which is always a good thing.

Friday night I played in the WWdN tourney and placed 26th out of 96. Not to badly but well out of the money. I finally went out when I went all in with AJ in Early Position (I was down to less than 1 orbit and vowed to go all in with the next Ace I was dealt) and was called by two players. The highest card either of them had was a king, however the board paired their kings without ever delivering me my ace. Oh well, such is the way of things. Considering how badly I was outclassed in terms of talent and experience I felt I played well and did well.

Today I picked up Harrington on Hold'em Vol. 1, so between that book, Vol. 2, and my new project, I should be kept very busy for the next week or two. The best part is that I can work on those three things while at the office (I am blessed with a fair amount of free time) leaving me free to play while at home.

Which brings me to my next topic, my new project. Up until now, I have rarely made any conscious consideration of pot odds while playing. This is a huge hole that I need to fill and is one of the (many) reasons I have lost so badly playing the $1/2 Limit Games. To help work on this aspect of my game, I'm manually pouring over hand histories analyzing each individual hand (that I played in) retroactively calculating pot odds as I go to determine if I should have stayed in a hand or when I should have gotten out sooner.

In reviewing these hands, I came across one that I'm not sure how to calculate. I would like your help. Please review the following hand:

***** Hand History for Game 2781789090 *****
50/100 Tourney Texas Hold'em Game Table (NL) (Tournament 16101932) - Mon Sep 26 23:09:36 EDT 2005
Table Mini Step 1 1014304 (Real Money) -- Seat 2 is the button
Total number of players : 7
Seat 1: GeniusJames (1550)
Seat 2: hurricaneboo (230)
Seat 3: Twitch1975 (515) (that's me!)
Seat 4: RubbinHood (685)
Seat 5: Luckybill888 (300)
Seat 7: GATORSTYLE91 (1310)
Seat 10: thompwe (3410)
Twitch1975 posts small blind (25)
RubbinHood posts big blind (50)
** Dealing down cards **
Dealt to Twitch1975 [ Th, Ad ]
Luckybill888 calls (50)
thompwe calls (50)
GeniusJames folds.
hurricaneboo folds.
Twitch1975 calls (25)
RubbinHood checks.
** Dealing Flop ** : [ 7c, 4h, 7s ]
Twitch1975 checks.
RubbinHood checks.
Luckybill888 checks.
thompwe bets (50)
Twitch1975 folds.
RubbinHood folds.
Luckybill888 folds.
** Summary **
Main Pot: 250
Board: [ 7c 4h 7s ]
GeniusJames balance 1550, didn't bet (folded)
hurricaneboo balance 230, didn't bet (folded)
Twitch1975 balance 465, lost 50 (folded)
RubbinHood balance 635, lost 50 (folded)
Luckybill888 balance 250, lost 50 (folded)
GATORSTYLE91 balance 1310, didn't bet (folded)
thompwe balance 3560, bet 100, collected 250, net +150

My question is this, for the previous hand, in calculating the pot odds, do I have to calculate the odds of runner runner ace or ten? Where do you abandon pot odds calculations when you feel you are beat and can't possibly win the hand? I'm sure I'll have many more questions and examples as I dig through my $1/2 hand histories so check back regularly for updated challenges. Thanks.