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Thursday, October 13, 2005

That Didn't Work! Hand me the Hydrospanners!

I think I may have finally found one of the biggest gaping holes in my game. It's a hole I knew existed however I chose to ignore it out of convenience, greed, and impatience. I have been playing way out of my league, both in terms of player ability and bankroll management. "Why was I doing something so fundamentally stupid?" you ask? (Just pretend you really asked) I did it because I wanted free stuff, and I wanted it yesterday. I wanted free poker tracking programs, free books, free chipsets, free hats, and free money. But few things in life are free, and the price for these things quickly was playing out of my league.

In order for me to comfortably play in the $1/2 games I have been playing for the past week, my bankroll should be around $600. At it's high point, it was just shy of $190. It is currently at $90, and that's after clearing $40 in bonus money and $10 in the Cracked Aces Program. So I'm heading back to the minor leagues where I need to put in my time before jumping up to the next level. I am restricting myself to the following games.

For those times when my bankroll is under $100 (like now)
.25/.50 Limit
$1 SNG

For those times when my bankroll is between $100 and $150
.25/.50 Limit
.25 No Limit ($10.00 Max)
$5 SNG

If/When my bankroll gets over $200
.50/1.00 Limit
.50 No Limit ($20.00 Max)
$10 SNG

I doubt it's going to be a very fast progression between levels, but it's not really supposed to be. If my knowledge and skill prove to be adequate then I should be able to do well at the No Limit and SNG tables to earn me bankroll funds and the No Limit tables should allow me to gradually clear my deposit bonus. Once I hit $150, I may even transfer $50 to Poker Stars to allow me to play over there on occasion. In the meantime, no more bonus chasing, no more playing levels that are out of my league, and focus (and take seriously) the levels I'm currently playing. I also need to work on my 2nd place finish streak on my SNG's. I'm even going to spend more time reading the poker books I have rather than trying to read books I'm not ready for, don't fully understand, and am just reading because they're there on the shelf waiting for me to buy.

As the great and wise Yoda once said, "This one a long time have I watched. Never his mind on where he was, what he was doing. Adventure. Heh! Excitement. Heh. A (grinder) craves not these things."

True dat. True dat.