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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Weekend Update

All weekend long I was looking forward to Poker Stars which started at 4:00 PM on Sunday. I was out before I could blink. I lasted all of about 30 minutes, it was pretty pitiful. Rather than just leaving I decided to try my luck at a $1.00 MTT. The Poker Gods choose to reward me for my perseverance with my highest ever MTT placement, I placed 2nd winning me $10 to help rebuild my Stars bankroll (I pulled out $25 to transfer to UB for the HUC2). I'm looking forward to trying another $1.00 soon to see if I can't repeat the showing. I've still been doing rather well on the NL Ring Tables which has also helped in dragging me back into the world of playable bankrolls.

Saturday I made a $100 Deposit to UB and Choose a $100 Bonus from All In Magazine (Thanks All In!) but I haven't had a chance to play there yet to see how their tables play. I tried to do the sign up through Poker Source Online however I had already had a play money account through UB so I wasn't eligible. I also realized that I was probably ineligible for my Absolute Bonus I had set up, so I'm fully expecting to get denied that promotion which I was going to use to get Poker Tracker. If I do get denied, I'm just going to pull $50 from my UB account and buy the program directly.

I'm trying to set up a time/date for my HUC2 match up with Loopy so as soon as I have a definite time, I'll let everyone know so they can go sweat Loopy. Speaking of the HUC2, I've set up a page on my website for the HUC2 BRACKET. It is in no means a replacement for Heads Up Challenge, but rather, as a supplement. It has a more printable bracket if you would like to use that for your home use.

Due to a rather busy week, I'm not sure how much time I'll have to work on clearing my various deposit bonuses, however I'm setting a goal for myself to have a combined bankroll of $200 by the end of December. Considering that I'm fully expecting to lose $35 in the HUC2 and the $50 to pay for Poker Tracker I will have to quadruple my remaining $50. The good news is that I have $150 in deposit bonuses that I have access to if I can clear the money without loosing my bankroll trying. I'm hoping that Poker Tracker can help me plug the holes in my limit game which would help things considerably. Wish me luck.