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Friday, November 04, 2005

Bonus Whoring

I realize many of you out there have had great success with PokerSource Online, however I have hand nothing but problems with them from day one, the most recent being that they are unwilling to help support my questions via email and require me to use their forums, which I despise, to receive any form of help. So I'm no longer going to promote their site (with the exception of their Instant Bankroll program which I think is pretty good, if not somewhat problematic). Instead I've decided to throw my weighty support behind Vegas Poker Pro. In the short time I've dealt with them, I'm loving their customer service. I've actually sent AND received emails from a real person. They even seemed rather pleasant and were interested in me helping to promote their site. Go figure. I personally haven't signed up/completed any of their promotions yet, however that's one of the top priorities on my to dude list this weekend. Once I finish I'll be sure to post my experience/recommendation for one and all.