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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

November Challenge - Continued

In an effort to maintain my stupidity, I have made a couple of slight adjustments to the November Challenge which I feel obligated to share with everyone. As some of the more observant readers may notice, a small obscure table has been deftly inserted into the blog (somewhere) that will help document and track my progress. I have started my limit bankroll with a modest $25.00 to use in my limit experiments.

Because I have rather odd work hours, I will be breaking my poker play into two sections. I usually try to play 1 SNG at night when I get home and I'm going to be playing limit for an hour or so in the mornings before work.

For the evening SNG's I'm going to start with the $1 SNG's, once my winnings are over $5.00, I'll try a $5.00 SNG. When I place either first or second, half of the winnings will be transferred to the limit bankroll, while half will fund a stab at a $10 SNG. The winnings from the $10 SNG's will be split with half the winnings going into the limit bankroll and half going to the regular bankroll to fund future $10 SNG's. Not sure how well this experiment will work, but we'll see.