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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

November Challenge

I realize it's a bit late into the month to start a personal challenge, but I just thought of it, so I'm running with it regardless. My "problem" is that I have lots of bonus money to clear on a number of sites. The reason for this is because I spend most of my time playing SNG's and don't spend to much time at the ring tables. Here's my attempt to a solution, not sure if it will fly or not, but here we go.

I start at the $1.00 SNG's, when I win one, I take the winnings and do a $5.00 SNG. If I can win that one, or at least make the money, I take those winnings and buy into a .50/1.00 Limit table. I stay there until I either blow they buy in, or I clear the bonus.

Here's what I expect. (It's very important to realistically set your expectations) I expect it to take a few $1 SNG's to get started. The $5.00 SNG should earn me enough to get started at the Limit Tables with $10 or $20. This should win me enough to clear at least some of the deposit bonus. This money will be "profit" so long as I don't blow $20 in the $1.00 SNG's to get started.

Do I expect to make a fortune? No, but I do expect to round out the types of games I've been playing of late. The truth of the matter is I want baseball hats from all the major sites. So far I only have one from Party.