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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Small SNG Win

Last night after I got home from work I hopped online and signed up for a .50 SNG. I realize the limit is rather pathetic, but I've been running very poorly in the SNG department of late and I didn't feel like dumping any more money into them if I was just going to lose. So I signed up for this one as it was the least expensive one I could possibly find (Absolute Poker) and what do you know, I won it, booking myself a WHOLE $2 profit. What I was really happy with though were some of my observations about the players at the table I was playing with.

First off I could SEE the bad players, now granted they were about as well hidden as a fat kid at a salad bar, but still, I was happy to see that I was able to get a pretty accurate read on some of the players that early on, and was also able to put them on hands occasionally. This helped me steal some pots from flush drawers by betting into them during the flop and turn, and then if the flush never hit, I would bet hard into them and get them to fold.

I was also in the position at one point to start playing the role of the aggressive chip leader. I was forcing the two or three remaining players to commit half of their stacks just to see the flop, and would usually make them put in the rest of their chips if they wanted to try to draw to the turn or river. I did this regardless of the cards I was holding which made winning MUCH easier than having to sit around and actually wait for some cards to play.

I felt I played good solid poker early on, got luck once or twice when a turn or river would give me a straight or flush and I was also glad to score a win, even at such a low limit, just to restore some of my confidence in the whole SNG process.

Unfortunately I won't be able to play much online for the rest of this week as I'm going to work early tomorrow so I can get an early start on my trip back to Jamestown for the holiday weekend. If I find myself with any amount of time, I may download Poker Stars to my parent's computer, but I'm not really expecting to be back online until the beginning of next week. I guess I'll just have to content myself with Harrington's Endgame for any poker fit I may experience in my away time. Have a great Thanksgiving everyone.