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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Why Didn't Anyone Tell Me?

I am rather disappointed that not a single one of my Blogger Friends warned me that yesterday was "Runner Runner Flush Suckout Day." Three times, my dear readers, my Top Pair Top Kicker, or Top Two Pair were sucked out on by runner runner flush draws. The first time was in a $1 SNG on UB, I had AQ bet 3x BB, flopped top pair, bet half pot on a rainbow flop when an A hit, was raised, and reraised All In. I was called with someone with rags. Of course his rags became an Ace high flush when he hit Runner Runner diamonds. Out of the first SNG in about 7th or 8th place. Lucky me.

The second time was on the very first hand of my next SNG. I am once again dealt AQ, I raise 3x BB and was called by someone. The flop missed me completely so I checked, my opponent checked as well. The next card was an A which gave me top pair, so I bet hard and was called. The following card was a Queen which gave the board a flush possibility, but I figured that my top two pair would hold up. Nope, it was Runner Runner Flush Day remember! I'm out on the very first hand of my second $1 SNG. I may have been tilting...just a little bit.

After that I gave up on the SNG scene since it was obviously not giving me ANY love whatsoever. I switched over to the .5/.10 NL game on UB and figured I'd try to win a couple of bucks to recoup my SNG losses. About ten minutes in, I again get AQ. I've learned my lesson though, no more raising 3x BB, this time I'm just calling. And I call on the Flop when a Queen hits. I call again on the Turn, and I call again on the River. Did I win the hand? Nope, lost on a Runner Runner Flush Draw! At least this time I have some money left over to continue playing. So now I understand, it's Flush day right? A few hands later I get AK clubs and raise 3x BB, flop comes club club rag. I have a Nut Flush Draw, and on Runner Runner Flush Suckout day! I'm sure to win! Nope, no clubs for me. Even though it's Runner Runner Flush Suckout day, apparently it's not MY Runner Runner Flush Suckout Day. Figures.

Now I'm on Full Tilt (no not the online poker site) I'm down to my last .75 to .90 of my $5 buy in and I figure I might as well just lose it all and get it over with. So I start to play aggressively, and more important, I actually hit a couple of lucky hands for the first time all night. I managed to win my way back to about $2.50. By now we were playing short handed with only about 5 or 6 people at the table, as the Fish had so kindly donated their stacks to the other remaining players at the table, the average stack was about $15 to my $2.50 so I figured if I could get a decent starting hand I could double up to a break even point. A few minutes later I get QQ, push all in, and get called by the big stack. Amazingly enough, they held up, and I was up to $5.30. Never one to kick a gift horse in the mouth (hey, it could be done) I logged off with a slight profit for that table. I also managed to clear about .70 of my Bonus Money on UB so I was only down about $1.20 for the night. Considering the tone of the evening, I will take that.