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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Home School SNG Step

I hesitate to write this as I fear it will anger the poker gods and they shall smoteith me down in great anger and terrible vengeance, but I feel compelled to nonetheless. For about a month or two following my return to the tables I focuses primarily on micro-limits cash games usually around the .25/.50 range whenever possible. For the most part I was pretty much breaking even. Ahead at one site, behind at an other, up one day, down the next, that was pretty much what I was doing day in and day out. At least I was playing, and reading, and collecting stats for Poker Tracker, above all, I was still having fun.

Then one day I got an invite to a home game, one hosted by a couple of Stock Traders that work here in Baltimore. They like to get together once in awhile, have some drinks, have a few cigs, and play some cards. Their game of choice, mini-SNG freeze outs for $30 a game. According to them, they usually play 3 or 4 per session and usually everyone breaks about even. I figure I’ll go, play 2, if I win either of them I’ll keep playing, if I lose I can eat $60 and call it a night. With only 3 other players, I’m getting decent odds.

First SNG – I win, sweet, now I can play the rest. The second – I win, again. Sweet I might take home some money! The third – I bust out first and the fourth I set my goal to win and won it I did! End result – I take home $180!.

High off my recent win, I decide to try a $5 SNG. I believe I took 2nd or 3rd. Over that weekend I played at least 5 or 6 SNG’s and placed in the money on at least 75% of them. It was then that I decided to work on all 3 of my online accounts to get each of them over $100. The next day I push my first account above the $100 mark by taking 1st in a $5 SNG.

Starting in on the second site, Poker Stars, I figure I’ll employ a home made step structure. Start at a $5 SNG, when I win that one, move up to a $10 SNG, if I bust out of that, drop down to the $5.untin another win, if I take 2nd or 3rd, stay at that level, and when I win that, jump to the next level, so on and so forth. So far I’ve increased my bankroll there at least 80%. One more win at my current level ($10) or two 2nd place finishes. I’ll have reached my goal for that site and will move onto the last site.

The best part is that I feel that I can sit down and play this game, not only well, but profitably and maybe the time when I have a $1k plus bankroll isn’t quite as far off as it once seemed.

Having now said this, I fully expect the god of variance to be kicking my ass. Soon.